Video: RRVAN L&L Helping Grandparents Connect with Autistic Grandchildren

Join us as we discuss what grandparents can do to best help and build a relationship with their grandchildren with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). When the diagnosis is given, families can sometimes feel lost and traditional familial structures and relationships may be affected. But fret not! RRVAN’s presentation gives you direct insight to a grandmother who has learned through experience what she can do to procure the best relationship with her granddaughter and what familial structures need adjustment. She shares her honest, raw, and complete experiences in this presentation.

Topics covered include: personal emotional reactions to the diagnosis, the importance of listening and support, advocating for the rights of her grandchild, the need to “live” the experience with her grandchild, bending the traditional rules to accommodate, how to assist with transitions, dividing attention with siblings, how and when to ask for help, her two golden rules, learning opportunities, other famous people with ASD, as well as a question and answer panel which includes an adult with ASD, and MORE!